Access to land, generational renewal & soil health: Towards a European directive on agricultural land?


14:30 - 17:00

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Bijeenkomst georganiseerd door European Coordination Via Campesina, zowel live als online te volgen. Meer informatie:


Farming and food systems are facing mounting challenges across Europe: half of the farming population will reach retirement age within the next ten years, land is increasingly controlled by non-agricultural players, the health of European soils is deteriorating, rural areas are being emptied, and the effects of the climate and biodiversity crises are set to increase in intensity.

In response to these intertwined challenges, ECVC has published a proposal for a European directive on agricultural land. The regulation and fair distribution of land are at the root of multiple issues of food sovereignty and security, the vitality of rural areas, agroecological models and social and climate justice. It is a key, cross-cutting issue, yet one that is absent from the current major institutional political debates. There is an urgent need to put this issue back on the political agenda.

To this end, together with various players from the agricultural world, civil society organisations and political institutions, we want to move forward on the debate on land regulation and the protection of agricultural land. In a two-part round table, we will present our respective visions of land regulation, soil protection and access to land in Europe, and discuss the needs and ways of regulating land markets to ensure European food sovereignty.

Programme :
Panel 1
• Introduction by ECVC – Land at the nexus of agricultural, environmental and social issues (5 mins)
• Morgan Ody – ECVC, general coordinator of La Via Campesina (10 mins)
• CEJA – (10 mins)
• Nicoletta Merlo – EESC, rapporteur of opinion on “The role of youth in rural areas” (10 mins)
• FIAN – (10 mins)
• Q&A and Debate – (20 mins)
Break – (10 mins)

Panel 2
• Martin Hojsík – Renew MEP, rapporteur of the Soil Monitoring Law (10 mins)
• Lukáš Baďo– Agricultural Policy Unit, Permanent Representation of the Slovak Republic at the EU (10 mins)
• Michel Baylac – AEIAR (10 mins)
• Arnaud Lécuyer – Vice-President of Région Bretagne (10 mins))
• Q&A and Debate – (20 mins))
Conclusion by ECVC (5 mins))