Actie tegen CETA (en andere verdragen) aan Belgisch-Duitse grens


Hele dag

Boeren (met of zonder tractor), burgers, maatschappelijke organisaties verzamelen zich vrijdag 25 mei om 11.30 op de overgang over snelweg A3/E40 bij Lichtenbusch (toegang via de E40, Exit 40).  

Hier een deel van European_Farmers_Declaration_2019_EN (ook ondertekend door Platform ABC: 

Europe is launching free trade agreements with Canada (CETA), Japan (JEFTA), certain Mercosur
countries1, New Zealand and Australia – to name just a few of the many in the pipeline. Even with the poor and poorest countries of the world, Europe is negotiating deals within the framework of so-called Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA).
These trade agreements lead to agricultural products being dumped at throw-away prices, to
higher standards being dismantled, to labour standards being weakened and to multinationals
becoming even more powerful.
Therefore, we collectively demand:
CETA and Co. must be stopped.
What Europe really needs is fair trade policy to ensure
◦ fair producer prices
◦ fair working conditions
◦ environmental protection and animal welfare
◦ high-quality food
◦ food sovereignty.