Why carbon markets won’t work for farmers and the climate (webinar)


01:50 - 17:00

Georganiseerd door IATP (Amerikaanse groep voor landbouwstudies) en ECVC  (Via Campesina) 

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The European Commission (EC) has proposed carbon farming as a major strategy to help the EU remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A central part of this plan is the certification of carbon credits for agriculture, sold on carbon markets and bought by corporations and investors. The EC will unveil a carbon removals certification legislation later this year. 

Yet, carbon farming credits have had a problematic history for more than a decade. What is the state of the science and economic costs of measuring and accounting for carbon farming? What has been the experience of farmers, and have carbon farming credits been effective in reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions? What is the way forward and how can the EU best support farmers and climate action? 

Farmers, experts and policymakers from the U.S., Canada and the EU will share their knowledge and perspectives on carbon markets for agriculture.